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Oral Cancer Screening (Velscope)
Oral cancer can affect anyone and the best way to reduce the risk of harm is through early detection and successful treatment. As this cancer can have little to no symptoms and be quite difficult to identify visually, it is important to know the risk factors and get oral screening for early detection. Diagnosis and treatment in the initial stages improves survival rates significantly.

Some of the risk factors that contribute to the development of oral cancer are:

- Family History
- Excessive sun exposure – especially at a young age
- Excessive smoking and tobacco chewers
- Excessive alcohol consumption – especially high among   users who combine with tobacco
- Being over the age of 40 – common among men in their 50s
- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection

At K.L.O. Dental we use the VELscope screening system, which allows us to conduct a much more detailed exam of your mouth.  Using a special light source, we are able to view oral tissues through a scope, illuminating healthy tissue and showing any abnormalities in a contrasting darker hue.

If abnormal tissues are detected, we can determine what further actions are required.

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